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We are a full-service agency integrating TV, digital, print, in-store and professional marketing services. With an unwavering commitment to your business success, we are flexible, responsive and driven to exceeding your expectations. Here’s how we do it.


Start with a strong foundation.
Before we begin a new initiative, we get to know your category, your competition and your brand, inside and out. We then build on that solid base of knowledge, creating strategic, integrated marketing campaigns that are grounded in key insights and information. The goal: to drive consistently strong business results, year over year.


Develop a detailed blueprint.
We are by nature analytical, strategic thinkers. Developing and adhering to a detailed, carefully constructed strategic plan ensures that our brand-building efforts are structurally sound. It also enables us to better achieve your brand objectives and demonstrate ROI.


Craft the narrative.
Weaving brand and consumer insights into a compelling story is the first step in developing marketing communications that convey brand benefits while connecting and forming a relationship with your audience. The goal: to establish your brand as the consumers’ go-to: the brand they trust, the brand they buy.


Design an amazing experience.
We live in a world where the barrage of messages bombarding consumers at any moment is overwhelming. Breaking through the noise and clutter is a constant challenge, but it’s one we embrace. In fact, we thrive on creating campaigns that are equal parts disruptive, strategic, creative and efficient at delivering on your objectives.


Use the right tools.
Digital marketing, social engagement, mobile experiences, TV advertising, print ads, in-store promotions – the mix of media and message has never been more complex. At Ferrara, we create integrated advertising and marketing campaigns that will effectively and efficiently achieve your brand’s objectives, and keep your brand in the forefront of consumers’ minds.


Listen and learn.
The marketplace is a visceral, dynamic organism, with rapidly evolving consumer behaviors and market forces. Our performance marketing analytics and real-time reporting enable you to optimize current initiatives, inform future campaigns with rich data and insights, and continue to understand and fulfill your consumers’ needs and expectations.

About Us

Why do some of the most trusted brands in the world trust us?

We’re talking about brands like Arm & Hammer, Allegra, Weight Watchers Smart Ones. Iconic brands that have grown exponentially over the years, thanks in part to our exceptional brand-building efforts and expertise. Economic times rise and fall over the years, but through it all our relationships with these clients have endured, in some cases for decades, and their businesses have prospered. Partner with us and we’ll help you build stronger brands too.

We anticipate.

When you need us we’ll be there, with responsive attention you can count on. But we’ve learned that the way to sustain long-term client relationships is to go above and beyond. Researching continually, staying ahead of trends, anticipating your needs rather than reacting to them – these are the things that will keep you and your business ahead of the game.

We ideate.

Our creative journey always begins with an insight – a kernel of truth gleaned from our thorough assessment of the business environment and category dynamics. Grounded in consumer and marketplace knowledge, we let our creative minds navigate to uncharted places, producing big ideas that bring your brand story to life in a relevant and compelling way.


We integrate.

And how best to tell the story? It depends on the audience, the objective, the story itself. But without a doubt, we’ll tell it across a carefully planned range of media channels, optimized for each platform. With a handpicked team of best-in-class talent and energetic rising stars, we strategize, create and execute flawlessly.

The bottom line is…your bottom line.

As a marketer, your advertising dollars are precious and hard earned. That’s why we spend each dollar judiciously, and strive for the greatest ROI possible with every initiative.

Sound good?

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